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A Couple’s House in Indianapolis Can Get Washed Away Into a Creek

A Couple’s House in Indianapolis Can Get Washed Away Into a Creek

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Indianapolis, Indiana – A couple in Indianapolis is getting help for their house, which they feared could be washed away into a creek.

After a news reporter met the couple, Kenneth Warden and his wife in April 2018, they were told the couple are scared their house can fall into a nearby creek.

Warden said if the house start to slide, it won’t stop. John Schmitz, the founder of the Mars Hill Arts Center said as soon as they got informed about the dangerous situation of the couple’s housing, they decided to help.

Schmitz is a contractor. He is planning to get some network of people to help out the family.  The Wardens received a bid of fixing the house for about $ 100.000. According to Schmitz, fixing the house of the Warden will be at no cost for the couple.

There are some donations being made for the family. Among those are RH Marlin, donating the equipment, K&K Aggregate is donating the trucking. Warden family received $1000 cash from Brother’s Collision.

As soon as the money is raised for the family, the work on the house will begin in about 2 and a half weeks.

 The Mars Hill Art Center will gather community members to raise money to help Warden. The event will take place on Saturday, at 3 p.m.


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