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A Super Weird Expo will be Coming to Indianapolis

A Super Weird Expo will be Coming to Indianapolis

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Indiana, Indianapolis – Next spring Knockturn Alley meets “The Greatest Showman’’, a kooky, spooky expo. Indianapolis Oddities and Curiosities Expo will add some strange nodds to the Fairgrounds on April 6, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For those who are interested in strange and unusual things, you can get creep-tasting shopping experience at the fairgrounds, West Pavillion. The shopping of the weirdest things features animal bone jewelry, dolls, mummies and wet preserved specimens.

Indiana residents can not only stroke, take home the oddities and make photos, but also sell the weirdest items, if ethically sourced and legal to sell in Indiana.

The entrance for the expo will be $10 for adults, while kids under 12 can get in for free. The past editions of the event in Columbus, Ohio, and Kansas City, Missouri featured mummified bats, handcrafted Ouija boards, and life-size dolls.

Among the displayed items were $20 coyote tails, live scorpions and crested geckos in jars. In the exciting expo teaser video on the website fine spinners, psychics and a woman mousetrapping her tongue are appearing. There is no additional fee for live performances.

The traveling expo will be visiting 16 cities in 2019.

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