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Arsonist Arrested For String Of Fires

Arsonist Arrested For String Of Fires

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Authorities seeking an arsonist arrested 27-year-old Deaire Gray earlier this month for setting several fires to Indianapolis homes. Investigators collected evidence from his residence they believe will solve several open arson cases.

A security camera recorded video allegedly capturing Gray at work. In it, a man, likely Gray, exits his car and approaches the side of a home he then douses with a flame accelerant. He then flees before the fire erupts. The damage visible from the street encompasses the home’s siding as well as its front door.

Investigators believe he returned 4 times to set fire to a home on the 2500 block of South Rybolt St.

A SWAT team performed a surprise raid at his residence. There, they awoke and arrested him, then gathered evidence. They described Gray as being cooperative with authorities. An Arson Task Force, responsible for the arrest, cites public vigilance as a key factor in identifying Gray.

Arsonist Spree Ended, Community at Ease

The Arson Task Force told WTHR Eye Witness News they obtained an extensive amount of evidence from Gray’s home. After sorting through, they believe the materials will identify Gray as the arsonist at the center of a spate of fires.

Fire Marshal Lorne Hudson, a member of the Arson Task Force, told Eye Witness News the case was the worst he’d seen. Detective Jim Albin, another member, said, “It terrifies people to try to go to bed knowing that there is somebody out there who is intentionally setting fires in your neighborhood.”

Gray’s arrest came in time to ease fears before the holidays.

His charges include 17 felony arson counts. Since the investigation continues, authorities haven’t eliminated the possibility of additional criminal charges.

His fires caused over $100,000 in property damages. However, none of his criminal acts led to personal injury.

Authorities have not released any clues as to Gray’s motivation.

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