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A Barrage of Gunfire at Colts Employee Home

A Barrage of Gunfire at Colts Employee Home

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Indianapolis police are currently searching for upwards of eight potential suspects who allegedly shot dozens of rounds of bullets into the west side Indianapolis home of an Indianapolis Colts employee. The incident occurred just days ago.

Witnesses indicated to investigators from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department that around 70 total shots were fired into the home of Parks Frazier. Interestingly, Parks Frazier is an Indianapolis Colts assistant coach.

Luckily, the owners of the home were not there at the time of the gunfire at home. Furthermore, the house is located on Cressmoor Court, close to Country Club Road and Crawfordsville Road.

The police report says that according to witnesses, eight young males in three cars pulled up out front of the house and just started firing away. The perpetrators also allegedly kicked in the back door of the house and shot a barrage of rounds into the house.

Furthermore, many handgun and rifle bullet casings were found in the street, right outside of the home. But that was not all. It turns out a cell phone owned by one of the suspects was dropped at the location and recovered by Indianapolis police. Certainly, this represents a significant clue in the investigation.

However, as of now, there have been no arrests made, and police are still trying to determine a possible motive.

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