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Creating Opportunities!

Creating Opportunities!

About 80 percent of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities do not have jobs. Most of these people would like to be employed, although, they can’t always get job opportunities. Best Buddies is an organization that helps those facing employment barriers, get jobs.

A Best Buddies member in Indianapolis, Kelly Gillespie, currently works at MOD pizza. The company claims that she interviewed just like anyone else. Although, she was the best fit for the job.  Thankfully, MOD Pizza is one of the many organizations that hire any able-bodied person.  As a partner to Best Buddies, MOD Pizza was the first company in the nation to hire through the Best Buddies organization.

Consequently, this program funnels money back into the economy.  Rather than just using taxes to supplement their income, like Medicaid and Supplement Security Income, Best Buddies ensures that if people want to work, they can. Those within the group can work full-time, if desired. Thankfully, the organization allows equal opportunity for all.

MOD Pizza is one of the many places that helps create opportunities. It’s programs like these that ensure, regardless of any disability, that the work-place can be an inviting one.

In conclusion, equal opportunity for all is important. So, what do you think? Is your community as accepting as Indianapolis?

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