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Donut Spend Christmas Alone at Neidhammer Coffee Company

Donut Spend Christmas Alone at Neidhammer Coffee Company

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Planning on spending Christmas alone this year? You don’t have to, because Neidhammer Coffee Company is opening its doors. Anyone who comes into the shop on Christmas Day is offered free coffee and doughnuts.

Neidhammer tweeted Monday morning: “Come one, come all! Our doors will be open Christmas Day from 12-3pm for anyone who needs community during this holiday season.”

Apparently, a picture on Facebook inspired management. This was of a sign that read: “We are open on Christmas Day. If you are alone, pop in for a hug and a mince pie.” The general manager of Neidhammer, John Hobleman, was taken with this spirit of giving and togetherness. They later tweeted their own similar quote, saying: “If you’re alone or lonely on Christmas, come out for a free drip of coffee, a donut, and a hug. We are family!”

Hobleman first asked his employees if anyone would be available to work on Christmas. He said: “Four of our employees were actually going to be alone for Christmas. They responded very excitedly about it and we put it together from there.”

Many customers are also excited about the plan. One customer in particular, Becky Poselwaite, expressed her enthusiasm for the idea. She said: “I wish more people would open doors like this as well. I know several people who would like to stay here for Christmas. They have nowhere else to go.”  

And, now, they do! So, don’t spend Christmas alone. Stop by Neidhammer for your doughnut and coffee fix. It’ll be a sweet Christmas for everyone.

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