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Indianapolis Car Transport

Door-to-Door Delivery and Full Insurance Benefits

Indianapolis Car Transport

Door-to-Door Delivery and Full Insurance Benefits

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Inoperable Car Shipping

Cars with no wheels can be shipped too!

inoperable car shipping

While having the car driven on the trailer is easy, inoperable vehicle shipping can be a huge hassle. Finding the right company for that can be even harder. You have to do your research for the perfect company for you – that will also have the most affordable price. You need to be sure that the company you are booking your shipment from can handle the type of vehicle you have. Every vehicle type has its specific way of moving, so each type needs certain handling.

Indianapolis Car Transport is a multifunctional company that can provide shipping for all types of vehicles.

Here are some of the issues that a vehicle can have while transporting:

Vehicles that are damaged — Vehicles that won’t roll, need to be loaded by a roll-back tow truck or a forklift. When picking up a vehicle at a salvage auction a forklift is generally available, an adequate size forklift will also be necessary at the time of unloading.

Vehicles that have mechanical issues — If the vehicle doesn’t start it is considered non-running. Generally, if it doesn’t start a winch is used to get the vehicle on and off the trailer.

Vehicles that have no key — When shipping vehicles with no keys wheels must be pointing straight and transmission be put in neutral. You need to provide extra fees to load the vehicle at the pickup location and unload on delivery.

Any of these issues can be handled by a company like us, Indianapolis Car Transport. Here, you can find the best options for vehicle transport to ship your inoperable vehicle. You can choose from Open Transport, Enclosed Shipping, Expedited Car Transport, and door to door.

Our live agents can take your call and answer any questions you have about inoperable car shipping, or any other vehicle shipping services. Call (317) 282-0928 today!

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