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Lucid Air: Quarter Mile In Under 10 Seconds

Lucid Air: Quarter Mile In Under 10 Seconds

The Lucid Air is making headway in the race for the fastest EV. It has now dethroned the Tesla Model S in terms of speed.

We’ve all seen the Fast and The Furious movies at one point or another. Vin Diesel’s character (Dominic Torreto) constantly looks for that 10-second car. While his Dodge Challenger was enough to put to the test, he might be looking for another option.

While many EV manufacturers are looking to improve on the track, they might need to pick up the pace as the Lucid Air just recorded a 9.9-second quarter-mile.

This rivals even the fastest road-legal standard ICE. The Lucid Air can consistently repeat that average time and time again.

For many major auto manufacturers such as Dodge, Chevy and even Ford that quarter mile is looking slower. With powerful American muscle cars still a focal point among many consumers and auto enthusiasts, the Lucid Air will be seeing the likes of the Hellcat, Mustang, and Camaro from the rear-view mirror.

The Air has a tri-motor, 900-volt battery which gives it the speed it needs to crush all who line up to oppose it.

The Lucid Air Beats The Competition

Not only is the Air a remarkable feat for speed and engineering, but the company is also taking on the charging times. Within a 20-minute time-span, the Lucid Air can charge up to 300 miles. This puts it as one of the fastest charging systems currently on the market.

When electric cars first came on the market, they were scrutinized for their low power performance. With many scoffing at the idea due to low power, the industry is now taking note that electricity is nothing to mess with. Even more so comes the fact that, aside from the price point of many EV’s, new car and truck buyers are putting a closer eye on the EV industry.

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