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Man Shot Near Indianapolis Gas Station

Man Shot Near Indianapolis Gas Station

A 59-year-old Indianapolis man was shot outside a gas station on the north side yesterday.

The shooting took place just after noon near 60th and Michigan. The gunman is still at large. Officers report gunfire hit four cars, as well, but there were no other injuries.

Witnesses took cover while the man was hit with several bullets and staggered over to a Speedway gas station next door. The shooter used a large rifle and fled the scene after the victim ran away seeking help. Investigators do not know the shooters motive but say it appears to be an isolated incident.

Officers condemned the attack. “You’ve got a busy roadway behind us. It’s heavily traveled. When you have people being reckless with firearms, I don’t care what that person did to you, your friends or family, you’re putting everybody else out here at risk,” said an IMPD Sergeant.

The victim is currently recovering in the hospital.

With six homicides occurring over the span of 24 hours just this weekend, this shooting marks the continuation of an especially deadly week in Indy.

“When the weather tends to warm up, we tend to have a lot of more violence on the streets. So it should be concerning to all of us, and it’s why we have to address it immediately,” Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition Board President Reverend Charles Harrison said.

Police haven’t made any arrests in the case so far. Anyone with information on the suspect should contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS (8477)

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