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Men Busted with $3.5 Million Worth of Marijuana Cargo

Men Busted with $3.5 Million Worth of Marijuana Cargo

HENDRICKS COUNTY, IND – On Wednesday two Indiana men were taken into custody after police discovered $3.5 million worth of marijuana and THC-filled vape cartridges during a routine traffic stop.

Danny J. Luttrell II, 27, and Brandon M. Pierson, 27, were charged with dealing marijuana which is considered a level 5 felony. Both of the men are from Indianapolis according to the police report.

Indiana State Police are said to have stopped a box truck on I-70, which is located in Hendricks County. The police was suspicious of the vehicle because it appeared to be following too closely to the vehicle in front of it. They, then, subsequently pulled over the vehicle.

During the stop, according to police, they inhaled the aroma of “criminal indicators.” Consequently, the state police canvassed the interior of the truck and uncovered 250 pounds of marijuana and 50,000 vape cartridges. The contraband was stored in the cargo area of the vehicle.

Police quickly estimated the street value of the marijuana as being in the ballpark of $2.5 million. On the other hand, the cartridges were gauged to be somewhere in the vicinity of $1 million.

According to the police, the two men had traveled in the truck all the way from Burbank, California to Indiana. They are now currently being detained in the Hendricks County Jail.

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