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Postal Worker Murdered By Angry Resident

Postal Worker Murdered By Angry Resident

During the era of coronavirus, postal services feel the strain of increased workload. People order online and opt for delivery in lieu of visiting stores, most of which closed. While many remain at home, either unemployed, furloughed, or working at home, mail carriers continue to perform their essential function. Unfortunately for one Indianapolis postal worker, performing her duty meant walking into her untimely death.

45-year-old Angela Summers worked out of the USPS Linwood Indianapolis Post Office as a city carrier assistant. The mother of one joined the US Postal Service in 2018. “Angela was such a joy to be around, she was such a breath of fresh air. This is the worst thing that’s happened in my career,” remembers Paul Toms, president of the National Association of Letters Carriers’ Indianapolis branch.

The incident occurred during her normal routine Monday afternoon. At around 4 pm, she passed by 21-year-old Tony Cushingberry-Mays’s residence. He stepped off his front porch to confront her about the suspension of his service. What began as a verbal argument escalated quickly into murder.

Postal Worker Loses Life Over Argument Over Dogs

Cushingberry-Mays lost his service after failing to handle his aggressive dogs. Prior to Monday’s tragic event, he received multiple letter informing him of an impending loss of service if he failed to restrain the dogs.

When he approached Summers, he repeatedly requested his mail. Neighbors say he wanted his stimulus check. However, in accordance with USPS policy, Summers didn’t even take his mail onto her route, given the status of his account. Still, he allegedly made advances even after Summers explained the situation.

Then, Summers reacted in defense. She dispensed mace at Cushingberry-Mays. In response, he withdrew a handgun, tucked into his waistband, and fired a single shot. After he fled, emergency responders took Summers to the hospital where she died.

Despite attempts to hide the evidence, police arrested Cushingberry-Mays and retrieved the pistol from his mother’s garage. Since he murdered a federal worker in the course of duty, he faces a potential life sentence or the death penalty.

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