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Indianapolis Car Transport

Door-to-Door Delivery and Full Insurance Benefits

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Rental Assistance Programs Set To Help Thousands

Rental Assistance Programs Set To Help Thousands

Indianapolis, IN – Rental assistance programs are being put in place to help over 11,000 residents. Many of which are facing evictions from the virus.

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett spoke at a press conference on Wednesday. The talks outline the potential program and how it will benefit the residents currently combating COVID-19 while still paying bills.

The program will utilize money from the national CARES Act. These federal stimulus checks will help businesses and residents continue to operate. If renters have assistance already, they will not be eligible.

The city’s program is a separate plan than the state. The CARES Act is reportedly giving out 25-million dollars to help residents throughout the state.

Rental Assistance Programs – Too Little Too Late?

With COVID-19 currently increasing throughout the country, many are wondering when this will end. With a second round of stimulus checks potentially on the horizon, many are wondering when that will happen.

While eviction protocols are being set aside in order to relieve many Americans, many are starting to find themselves out of a home.

For countless Americans, the COVID-19 pandemic is putting a heavy strain on them. Businesses in every city are feeling the threat and are choosing to remain closed. Other,s are welcoming patrons by the handful without the proper safety precautions. These businesses such as bars and restaurants are prime examples of why social distancing is important. For many, reopening is keeping them afloat despite the potential impact they have on their surrounding areas.

While the city is looking to help its residents in any way that it can, the market for such actions are taking its toll. The housing market, in most cases, has been drastically affected by the virus. Many landlords cannot get rid of non-paying tenants to make room for those who wish to continue to make payments.

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