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Truckers Approve of New Digital Dashcam

Truckers Approve of New Digital Dashcam

Digital technology in the trucking world seems to be growing just as fast as it is any other industry. Now the rapid advances are being combined in new and interesting ways. Currently, tech companies are in a hurry to sell dashboard-mounted cameras as part of electronic logging devices. Silicon Valley tech firms insist this technology will increase safety and improve shipment tracking while simultaneously reduce liability for trucking companies.

At first glance, this technology doesn’t really seem in line with the trucker aesthetic. After all, truckers are solitary creatures going about their lonesome business on the road.  Seems like a clumsy fit to have a camera now clocking their every move. However, once truckers realized this would help state their case when it came to accidents and fender benders, most of them were on board.

John Haverstick, safety manager for Miller Expedited Freight Inc. of Indianapolis, says, “My drivers really don’t have an issue with the camera if they’re on duty.”

He goes on to mention how the equipment helps protect them and the company. Several other trucking echoed Haverstick’s comments. All in all, truckers are okay with the dashcams because they protect them in case of accidents. After all, the truth is on that camera.

How They Improve Safety

These cameras which can record the road or the cab, or both, do a masterful job of alerting the driver and fleet manager of unsafe driving. For instance, it indicates when the truck is following another vehicle too closely, or if the driver is drowsy, or texting. Moreover, in the Samsara brand model, if the truck does any hard braking, the camera uploads 20 seconds of video to management.

Another benefit users are finding with the camera is for training purposes. Truck companies can replay the footage to show instances of hard braking and over-acceleration so they can be corrected. And again, truckers see the value, so even though it represents a culture shift, they give it a honk of approval.

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