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Trump Approves $1 Million to Fight Growing Gun Violence in Indianapolis

Trump Approves $1 Million to Fight Growing Gun Violence in Indianapolis

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Trump administration approved $1 million federal grants for Indianapolis. The money allocated will complement the efforts to combat the growing problem of gun violence in Indianapolis.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department will receive most of the funds to hire three crime analysts for three years specializing in sniffing out leads in serious gun crimes. the Marion County prosecutor’s office will get $250,000 to handle a massive number of local gun cases and dangerous incidents.

Though Indianapolis has a reputation of a quiet city, violent crimes have recently evoked to be an alarming issue for the city and the police.

As the FBI reports, the violent crime rate declined a 2 percent in 2017, however, the violent crime numbers remained higher than 2013-2015.

The number of criminal homicides also continues to grow each year. 114 criminal homicides were recorded this year, which is outpacing last year’s record number of 155 by 11 percent.

According to federal data, the problem has raised to concern the government thus pushing them to run federal law enforcement in Indianapolis. The grant is a part of an anti-crime strategy that’s leading to record levels of federal gun prosecutions.


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