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Will Truck Driver Face Criminal Charges in Fatal Bus Crash?

Will Truck Driver Face Criminal Charges in Fatal Bus Crash?

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ARGOS, IN – The fatal bus crash occurred in December. That day, December 5th, according to the Indiana State police crash report, a truck crashed into the back of a school bus.

As a result, thirteen-year-old Owen Abbott, from Winimac, was killed. And another boy, fourteen years old, suffered injuries from the crash. Luckily, he was released from the hospital last week.

The crash occurred in the morning along US 31, just about 30 miles south of South Bend. The students on the bus, from the Eastern Pulaski school district, were on the way to see a Christmas musical at the time of the incident. But, according to the report, the driver was taking off his jacket and sweatshirt just before the crash.

The driver, later identified as Tylor Perry, worked for National Rent-a-Fence Co. The report states that he “pulled the clothing over his head and briefly took his eyes off the roadway.” When Perry looked up and saw the bus in front of him, he did not have enough time to react. Therefore, he crashed into the back of the bus, which ended in the fatality.

While Perry was not arrested or cited in regard to the crash, legal action has already taken place. Owen’s mother already filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Perry and his employer.  

Meanwhile, the police who wrote the report forwarded it to Marshall County prosecutors. On Thursday afternoon, the prosecutors announced that they will summon a jury to decide if the trucker will face criminal charges. This is set to occur on February 4th.

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