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Attorney General Chases License of Local Surgeon

You are currently viewing Attorney General Chases License of Local Surgeon
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Local surgeon Dr. Scott Mims is under the threat of suspension after the Indiana Attorney General‘s office has stated him to be nothing more than a “clear and immediate danger” to public health.

The petition was made earlier on Friday in order to distinguish what would be the proper action offer for consumer complaints that were sent submitted to the attorney generals office.

Each of the complaints came from separate instances. The first one had happened on April 4 of last year when a staffer at the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency had been answered yes towards whether or not a recent malpractice settlement and to who whether medical privileges or revoked at any hospital. Después During a license renewal application.

In each occasion so far Mimms had IPLA explanations submitted in writing. Apparently, there was a malpractice case that involved a recent hernia surgery from an unnamed insurance carrier when recommending a settlement. Dr. Mimms therefore stated his departure from the Community Health Network when having no avail made to his questions about surgeries done in 2020 throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

There may have been “racial discrimination” involved through the inquiry with the hopes of involving an attorney but that may also be Dr. Mimms’ suspicions acting up. Therefore it’s quite plain to see the Dr. Mimms would sooner give up his privileges instead of appeasing to the hospitals line of questioning.

Another complaint was filed just in that same month when Erica salami a patient at that hospital had no impressiveness about her when she complained about an arm lift surgery that had post surgical complications. In which case, Dr. Mimms charged her for a procedure and even a breast augmentation that had not yet been executed.

Patients weren’t the only people that were losing their patience with Dr. Mimms!

Just in December alone, two complaints had been made against Dr. Mimms by fellow doctors.

For example, Plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Cacioppo had begged the attorney general for immediate suspension of Dr. Mims license due to the fact that there was a general awareness of two deaths finalized by the hand of Dr. Mimms.

Dr. Mimms himself feels differently as he alleges the Community Health Systems have been long using him as a direct scapegoat for all their problems. Dr. Mimms would go on to explain how problems with surgeries had always been surfaced up tenfold because of patient’s having a general distaste for Mimms’ participation in the Community Health’s network of hospitals.

This Thursday will mark the initial meeting for the medical licensing board when reviewing the petition of whether or not to suspend Mimms’ license. Dr. Mimms’ will also be in attendance.

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