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Does The Electric Car Look Cool?

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The electric car is here. With Tesla, as well as most companies now focusing on EV technology, the question still remains: Why can’t they develop cooler looking EVs?

Listen, I am full-force into electric cars. This article is not intended to deter anyone from purchasing one, I simply want to bring to light that EVs look ugly.

The Utility of the Electric Car

The idea of EVs becoming a mainstay in the automotive world has piqued the ears of many looking to make the switch. Unfortunately, with the first-gen rolling off production, they don’t look cool. The concept is pretty simple. The idea of the electric car was to never be a sporty super vehicle. With the inclusion of Tesla into the mix, they were able to design a sleek concept that gives a character to the EV industry. Unfortunately, not many companies have followed suit.

It appears, to me, that most EV cars that will be released this year follow the same weird egg-shape that is akin to a Prius. It has become a staple in electric car design. I get that when the Prius first hit the scene, it was an “alternative fuel vehicle”, and the craze took off, but now we have the technology to run full-powered vehicles with the same standards that we hold to gasoline. Thus, the idea for a cooler looking electric car should have already been here by now.

Why is it that if I want to save the world, I have to drive this weird-looking crossover/hybrid egg?

The Idea Of Electric Outweighs Design.

With Tesla creating the first-ever cool looking EV, many should have followed suit. Instead, consumer vehicles are lumped into either crossovers or hatchback minivan egg cars. It is the idea alone that sells electricity. With many indifferent about form, this had lead to some really ugly cars. The consumer markets for EV tell the same story. Many who purchase the new EV lines this year will be spending money on some ugly looking cars. It doesn’t bother them as much as it would standard consumers, but “saving the environment” and not being a slave to the pump is more on the mind of those consumers. It’s totally understandable and I do not feel it is necessary to inflict negativity towards those consumers. We all have different wants and needs, mine is simply to have what is currently available, just better looking.

With That Said, Electric Cars Will Eventually See Cooler Designs

I might be bashing this a little too early, but when you think about it, the design for the Prius has been around for over a decade. It has only looked more refined over the years and never moved out of that standard egg-shape. It’s just an egg with more defined lines. That might be the current trend for right now, but in enough time, these things will eventually evolve into something cooler.

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