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Here is Why Electric Scooters Have Invaded American Cities

You are currently viewing Here is Why Electric Scooters Have Invaded American Cities
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The electric shooters that are famous at this moment, are easy to imagine. They are pretty simple and similar to the ordinary ones with a two-wheeled kick, like a Razor. The only difference is that a these have electric motors. That’s pretty much it.

The key innovation with the latest type of scooters is the rental business which is taking highs. The point is, you can download the app on your smartphone, it can be Bird, Lime, Spin or Skip, and use the map to find a nearby scooter. You should provide a credit card and scan a barcode on the scooter to unlock it. Go for your ride and after, you can leave it wherever you want, but you should end the ride on the app.

The design for the scooter has been already around for several years, but it was often marketed as a toy. And not a real scooter for adults.

The Segway originated in 2002, rode a wave of hope and hype into the market. It promised a new way, revolutionized type of transportation. It was launched with a price of ~$5,000, which made it a luxury way of transportation and not a commuting workforce.

Now, the electric scooters’ retail cost is between $100 and $500. And now when there are the apps that can help you, you can get a rented scooter for $1 and then 15 cents a minute thereafter. A 2-mile ride which takes 10 minutes can cost you less than $3. What’s the most exciting thing is you don’t have to worry about the place to leave it, you can easily leave it in a public space where it won’t block traffic.

What is the best place to ride it?

For most city ordinance, the electric scooters shouldn’t be ridden on sidewalks as it can cause a nuisance, if not a hazard. So pretty much riders are left with streets.

The best and likely safest place for a scooter is a bike lane since there are no pedestrians and because the lanes can accommodate faster traffic. However, most streets don’t have bike lanes, and unless the bike lane is protecting or separated from car traffic, scooter riders will still have to contend with cars weaving in and out.

You can now ride electric scooters in Indianapolis. Those electric scooters that created so much buzz around the city and the country will return to Indianapolis on September 4, the city announced Tuesday. After about two months away, the dock less electric scooter services Bird and Lime will be back in business in the Circle City.


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