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Indianapolis Car Transport

Door-to-Door Delivery and Full Insurance Benefits

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Industry Bottleneck: Trucking

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The trucking industry is facing a hard bottleneck. From the overextended workforce to many businesses shutting down. The industry (along with every other facet of life) is taking a hit…the problem is that they are necessary in order to continue daily life in America.

Trucking Is Essential But The Bottleneck Tightens

For many drivers, the past few months have hit them hard and with no clear determinable future in sight, things are slowly looking worse. The trucking industry was already on track for issues prior to the global pandemic. With so many skilled drivers leaving the industry to enjoy retirement, and with the lack of interest to gather new recruits, the industry took a hit.

Drivers have been shown some hints of mercy, though. With relaxed restrictions on the limit of hours a trucker can driver per day being lifted, drivers and with the lack of traffic from coast-to-coast, drivers are allowed to drive the necessary hours in order to continue their deliveries on time.

This also allows them to take more jobs and increase their pay. The more trips a driver can make in a week, the more money they will make.

Lack Of Supplies and Resources Hurt Drivers

Drivers across America are facing a real problem of not having enough supplies such as face masks, hand sanitizer, and gloves. On top of that, they are finding rest stops closed due to the pandemic. This gives them limited areas to rest and creates a lack of essential supplies.

Many areas have taken note of this and understand the necessity of drivers everywhere. Public schools have opened their doors to provide a rest area for truckers. Also food trucks have been able to convene at these points in order to provide food and drinks to those weary and on the road.

COVID-19 Threatens to Squeeze Truckers Further

For many drivers across the country, pandemic measures are drastically lacking.

If a driver gets sick, they must quarantine themselves in their cab for 3 days. If their conditions get worse they are to then seek immediate medical help. For this, they are on their own. Wherever they are stuck, they must locate the closest medical facility and use whatever health benefits they are provided. If they are to be stuck in a place like New York City, problems can worsen.

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