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Indy 500 Moves Foreward With Races

You are currently viewing Indy 500 Moves Foreward With Races
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Indianapolis, IN – The Indy 500 is moving forward as America starts its reopening process. As many are looking for entertainment, racing is gaining traction as it provides a safe space against COVID-19.

This Saturday, a doubleheader will kick off the season at the Mid-Ohio racetrack in Lexington, Ohio.

IU Health called on race organizers to adhere to strict safety guidelines for spectators and employees. They expressed that even with a reduction in crowd numbers, the threat of COVID-19 is “very real”.

Sports have been picking up the pace now that many Americans are looking for their regular season. Throughout the country, sports such as MLS and Basketball are starting up. Both sports unfortunately involve a high-level of contact. For racing, the contact is relatively low.

“Statistics show that one of the safest places to be during this pandemic is in your car.” says Indy fan Jared Lewis. “I don’t see why we needed this to begin with. Heck, it could have been televised this whole time.”

Major streaming services and basic cable sales are skyrocketing. This is due to many staying in and not going to local bars and restaurants.

With the car being the safest place, it allows drivers to continue their professional course while still maintaining distancing.

The issue doesn’t come from the racers, per say. It comes form the large crowds that have the potential to gather to watch the event live.

The Indy 500 attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators each year. With the potential to increase the spread of the virus, many fans will be able to watch the starting race either on cable or streaming services.

While many sports broadcasting services are looking for a way to continue their regular programming, other avenues are starting up their engines again. We are starting to make headway as to the restrictions for many sports that practice safe distancing.

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