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Indianapolis Car Transport

Door-to-Door Delivery and Full Insurance Benefits

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Indianapolis Car Transport

Door-to-Door Delivery and Full Insurance Benefits

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System Sharing Data Helps Aid in the Fight Against COVID-19

December 1, 2021

A system calling the "LOINC" System (Logical Observation Identifiers, Names, and Codes) allows researchers, hospitals, governments, insurance companies, and smartphone users to share health data across systems. The Regenstrief Institute from a Midwest state is known around the world. It is playing a key role to help the reg... Read More

Violence Stopper Quits the Gig After Homicide Exhaustion

November 10, 2021

Violence Reduction Director Shonna Majors, for the past three and half years, has been close to some of the most violent crimes in a city and state in the Midwest. Violence Reduction Director Puts Herself on the Line ... Read More

Senator Scott Baldwin Muddles His Message About Oath Keepers

October 22, 2021

Senator Scott Baldwin is among the burgeoning list of state and local officials across the country. Those are the names that show up on a purported membership list for the Oath Keepers. It is a far-right anti-government militia group with connections to the January 6th Capitol insurrection. ... Read More

Unfilled Jobs is a Complicated Issue for a Local Region: Here’s Why

October 6, 2021

Unfilled jobs can be attributed to many reasons as to why people can't or don't want to work at the jobs that are available. This is according to Kyle Anderson. Anderson is an economist at IU Kelley School of Business. Unfilled Jobs and the Various Reasons for ... Read More

Rethink Coalition Pushes for an Improved Highway System

September 16, 2021

Rethink Coalition Inc. and the local Midwest state and city have brought out the findings of a study that looks at two options for rebuilding I-65 and I-70 through the local Downtown area. There is an Inner Loop Visionary Study. This does provide a preliminary analysis of the cost and benefits of the huge infrastructure pro... Read More

Vaccinated Teachers are Eligible For $300 Bonus at Public Schools

August 30, 2021

Getting vaccinated is key to getting a $300 incentive. This would be for all qualifying staff members in a Midwest public school district. This is a pressing matter considering now as COVID-19 cases do continue to surge in the local K-12 schools for, in fact, the third academic year. ... Read More

A Midwest Foundation Withholds Library Funding Amid Racism Concerns

August 10, 2021

A Midwest Community Foundation has announced Monday it plans to withhold future funding to a local public library. This is because racism and discrimination concerns were brought up by some Black library workers and patrons. Moreover, the institution does need to make "significant, meaningful and measurable change" going to... Read More

Education Officials Working with Colleges to Recruit More Teachers

July 22, 2021

Education leaders are working to hopefully address the state's teacher shortage with the start of school just a few weeks away. The Department of Education is working with some colleges and universities to fill more of the teaching jobs. Moreover, the state is struggling to get the teachers into the classrooms. This is acco... Read More

Indianapolis and Independence Day: A Spectacular Combo You Can’t Miss!

July 2, 2021

Indianapolis get ready! Independence Day has arrived! It's time to celebrate this so special time in our nation's history. Independence Day, which is also called Fourth of July or July 4th, in the United States. It is the annual celebration of nationhood. It, in fact, does commemorate the passage of the Declaration of ... Read More

Proposal to Opt-Out of U.S. Opioid Settlement Worth Millions is Approved

June 8, 2021

A proposal to opt-out of its share of the state's national settlement over the opioid crisis. The City-County Council voted last night. Moreover, the decision is going to in fact mean the city government will go ahead and pursue its own lawsuits against opioid manufacturers independently. ... Read More

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