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Omicron Variant Found in an Unvaccinated Resident

You are currently viewing Omicron Variant Found in an Unvaccinated Resident
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Omicron variant was discovered in an unvaccinated resident which is the first case of COVID-19 in a Midwest state. On Sunday, the state Department of Health announced that news.

Omicron Variant Previously Non-Existent

In Indiana, before this case, it was one of seven states where the Omicron variant had yet to be detecting. This was according to a news release from the department.

On December 9th, the specimen taking from an unvaccinated resident. Moreover, there was additional testing performed. Also, the omicron variant was detecting during the weekend. This was according to the department. 

Also, the department did not reveal more details about the unvaccinated resident that was “due to privacy laws.”  

Omicron Variant: Mutation of COVID-19 Virus

In fact, the Omicron variant is the most current mutation of the COVID-19 virus. The studies do show it spreads easily and faster than the Delta variant. This is according to the department.

On December 1st, the first Omicron case in the United States was found in San Franciso. The person had recently traveled from South Africa. This information is according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Vaccinations and Booster Shots

Hoosiers can protect themselves against COVID-19, according to the department. Also, protection from the Omicron variant can be obtaining by receiving vaccinations and booster shots. Plus, through wearing masks and getting testing if experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, next to washing your hands, and then avoiding crowds.

Especially ahead of the holidays and colder winter months, state health commissioner Kris Box has said in connection to the Omicron variant it is another significant reason for people to get vaccinating.

Burdening the Health Care System

“In fact, COVID-19 cases are really on the rise across Indiana. Also, we do not want this variant to give an additional burden on our really already stressed health care system,” Box said in the statement. “In fact, while we are still learning about Omicron. Actually, we already have the tools and knowledge we need to protect ourselves the plus people we love from COVID-19. I do urge eligible Hoosiers to use those pertinent tools as soon as possible to limit the ongoing spread of disease.”

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