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Indianapolis Car Transport

Door-to-Door Delivery and Full Insurance Benefits

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Public Transportation While In Self-Isolation

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Public Transportation is still widely used at this time. Cities across the country and even the world are practicing self-isolation. Many people are being told to stay home and work from the confines of their own place. This is to stop the spread of COVID-19. For many, this has proven beneficial. No money spent on gas to get back and forth from work plus other expenses has helped those who are out of work during this time save money. While others are working from the safe confines of their home, many still must go into work. For those that do not own vehicles, public transportation is their saving grace. For those taking this method to get back and forth to work, we have some suggestions.

Keeping Hands To Yourself

One of the most beneficial steps to traveling with multiple people is to simply keep all your belongings and hands to yourself. The spread of COVID-19 is through contact with saliva or other unsanitary means. SOME PEOPLE ARE STILL WIPING THEIR NOSE AND NOT WASHING THEIR HANDS. The best bet is to avoid all contact with those on the bus or train. Avoid using the handrails and simply have a seat.

Keeping A Safe Distance From Other

Easier said than done, right? Well, now that many are in self-isolation, buses are becoming less crowded. Finding your own seat is easier than ever. Again, avoid making contact with those around you. In order to handle enclosed areas with multiple, this would require a mask and possible hand sanitizer. With the number of people getting on and off of a bus who knows who sat in your seat before you.  Imagine being really close to someone with a cough at this time? That is an uneasy feeling for everyone, and for the person who is coughing, they don’t want to be subject to scrutiny. Like everyone else, they’re just trying to get to work.

Keeping Sanitation on Hand and At All Times.

Having a small bottle of hand sanitizer or alcohol wipes are always important when you are in a public space. Having a set of gloves in case you come across a crowded is always a safe fallback in case you have to make physical contact with widely touched sections.

Alternatives To Public Transportation:

There are a plethora of alternatives to taking the bus or train. For those who only need to commute a couple of miles a day, a great way to get to these places would be to simply ride a bike. Riding a bike is the perfect way to continue to maintain distances and will help keep you in shape! For those traveling further than a bike can help with, UBER and LYFT drivers have taken extra steps to ensure sanitation standards are met with their vehicles. It might not be the most cost-effective method, but a safe method is better than no method.

By utilizing these methods you will be acting on your behalf as well as the behalf of others. The sooner we can make this global pandemic go away, the sooner we can return to our daily lives.

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