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Indianapolis Car Transport

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Salvage Vehicles: Can You Ship Them?

You are currently viewing Salvage Vehicles: Can You Ship Them?
No matter your car's condition, we can help you!
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Are you looking into salvage vehicles? Salvage vehicles are those which insurance companies have written off as total losses. These cars, usually found at auctions, can be a great way to get an excellent deal on a car. However, if you do purchase a salvage car, you’ll need to ship it home. Here’s how Indianapolis Car Transport can help you get your new fixer-upper to your home.

Salvage vehicles require special care.

Not every car transport company will ship a salvage car for you. This is because salvage cars can be a serious challenge for car transport companies. Often, buyers don’t know the full extent of the damage to their new purchase and blame the car transport company. These cars also commonly have unattached car parts that can come loose during transit.

At Indianapolis Car Transport, we know exactly what it takes to ship salvage vehicles. Our drivers have experience shipping salvage cars in any condition, whether they can move on their own or not. They will take great care to secure all parts of your vehicle. We make sure our drivers know that salvage cars, though they may look like crumpled messes, deserve the same care that other cars do.

On top of all of this, we still offer our usual options of open and enclosed car transport! Enclosed transport will ensure that no parts will fall off the trailer and onto the street. We’ll still make sure to secure everything for open transport, though! Either way, your salvage car will be in good hands.

What if it doesn’t run?

Not all salvage vehicles are alike. Some can still roll around or even steer, making them much easier to load onto a trailer. In these situations, your car transport company will likely use a winch to load it onto a trailer.

However, some salvage cars can’t do this. For whatever reason, these cars simply can’t move at all. Cars in this state are called “inoperable,” and they pose a challenge for many transporters.

With Indianapolis Car Transport, however, these vehicles are no problem at all! We will need to use a forklift to load them onto one of our flatbed trailers, but we have the experience and skills to safely load any inoperable vehicle. Salvage vehicle shipping takes expertise, and no one does it better than us!

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