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Violence Stopper Quits the Gig After Homicide Exhaustion

You are currently viewing Violence Stopper Quits the Gig After Homicide Exhaustion
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Violence Reduction Director Shonna Majors, for the past three and half years, has been close to some of the most violent crimes in a city and state in the Midwest.

Violence Reduction Director Puts Herself on the Line

Therefore, she has comforted families at late-night crime scenes. It has prevented people from turning verbal arguments physically and temporarily relocated people to the hotel room. This is where a domestic situation became violent. As a result, she has done it through some of Indianapolis’ deadliest years on the record to date.

“In fact, there is only so much murder people. That is can take mentally and emotionally,” Majors said: “…it takes a toll on you after a while.”

Then, Majors said, she is resigning from her position of Indianapolis’ community violence reduction direction. On Friday, it was her last day.

Deepen Work and Take a Different Approach

“Actually, I did feel like I’ve laid a good foundation. Plus I did do and did all I can do. Then, it was time for someone else to come in. Then, do what they can do,” Majors said. “I really want to just want to deepen my work. In fact, I just enjoyed this work, but then it is time to take another approach.”

Violence Reduction Director: Mayor Joe Hosgett Reflects on Majors’ Service

Praised as “critical leader,” Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett said in a statement about Majors. She did amplify grassroots violence reduction and prevention efforts throughout the city, he further added.

“Also, we are very grateful for really dutiful service, which, in fact, has allowing us to build a really strong foundation for major investments over the next three years,” Hogsett said.

Majors Brought in During the Rise of Violent Crime

In June 2018, Majors was put in as part of Hogsett’s broader violence prevention initiative. It was during the time of a rise in violent crime. Then, she was the city’s first community violence reduction direction. Hogsett said at the time, she was tasking, with being a bridge between neighborhoods and law enforcement.

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